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Finally Home!

After 7 months of traveling.. I am HOME! I have circled the globe, driven half way across the U.S., and I am finally home!! For those of you wondering, current 'home', is Kings Beach, California.

Travis (my partner in crime) and I share a small studio together. When we stand on our tiptoes from our front door, we can catch the smallest sliver of a glimpse of Lake Tahoe.. in other (slightly exaggerated) words.. we live in lake front property ;) Our small space is filled to the brim with mementos from our travels and all of our adventure gear. Our walls are decorated with maps and SE Asia street art, our pantry is filled with camping supplies, and the space behind our bed is stacked with winter sport gear. It is small, and it is perfect.

My favorite part of our new space is my art corner! This is the first place that I have had to dedicate to my art, and I am thrilled. A huge thank you to Travis and our friend Grant for setting it up for me!

I am so excited to start creating in my new corner. Lots of beloved pet portraits will come off of this table and I can't wait to share them with everyone! I am really grateful to call Lake Tahoe my new backyard! I have so many hikes, camp spots, and adventures to look forward to. Here are a few photos from my latest adventures at home.

Hiking 10 miles along the Flume Trail to Marlette Lake w/ friends (so many Sarcodes!)

A short hike to a view point

Learning how to wake board on Lake Tahoe

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